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Enchanting Christmas Markets

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Experience the best of Europe's traditional Christmas markets this December.

A tradition that dates back hundreds of years, Europe’s famous markets are filled with character, charm and Christmas cheer, and plenty of glühwein, wherever you go. 

First timers and seasoned tourers welcome.

Travelling through France, to Belgium and the Netherlands. Visiting the Christmas markets of Bruges, Valkenburg, Maastricht and Aachen. each having its own unique appeal and attraction.


Day 1 –2

We meet at the stop 24 services just before the channel tunnel. Short drive to Folkestone for our crossing to Calais. We then have a short drive to our first stop, Bruges. Where we stay for 2 nights

Days 3—5

Today we travel to Valkenburg & This will be our base for visiting Valkenburg, Maastricht and Aachen.

The Valkenburg, Christmas Market Caves are where we are heading today, an easy walk from the campsite, we will visit the largest, oldest and most visited underground Christmas market in Europe. After this visit you are free to discover more of Valkenburg .  From Valkenburg you can take the train to Maastricht and visit the Christmas Market in the town.                         

If you are not completely marketed out by now , a visit to Aachen is not to be missed. Purported to be one the best markets in Germany.

Days 6 –7  

Today we head back to Calais for our last night, where we stop in Belgium ready for our return channel crossing back to the UK in the morning.                              


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